Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DoN't just LiVe with IT

I suppose since I love cookies, you all know, I have had my fair share of trying different kinds. Just to be sure of those special ones I really enjoy eating. Since they are in indulgence, I don't have them too often (when it rains, so thank goodness this isn't Oregon or Washington). Which brings me to my point, finally you are saying, well, I went to purchase some soft batch from a certain company, (won't name names call me if you want to know), and not only was the bag considerably smaller but the cookies are no bigger than bite size. But, the price is still the same. Got me upset when I got them home only to notice, since grocery shopping with a little one, you have to be quick and make sure you have a list! Just a sour note to begin this post. I guess it is another sign of the economy going down hill. Smaller, less in quality or quantity but, hey, we still want you to pay the same.So, when I am done here, I am going to email the company. Just a consumer's concern, no, I am sure nothing will come of lil' ole' me saying what is on my mind. Well, that is enough of that.

I just put my youngest down for a nap. Same schedule as always, but that works for me to set up the rest of the day; picking up my oldest from school, homework time, play outside and making some dinner. Then things tend to wind down, unless we go out. I got done with a 'tea phone date' with my mom. We drink tea and call eachother to chat about life, our lives. We had to catch up, we both seem to be a little busier these days. I miss her, I wish I lived closer. I miss both my parents! But they are happy, retirement does wonders, if you know how to enjoy your time.

I am in the process of looking for a new bmx mini racing bike for our oldest. I was irresponsible and left the garage unlocked (won't ever happen again I can tell you!) and someone stole it right off the garage wall. My son was heartbroken. He got it for Christmas.We were going to get him into racing, my husband started off that way, bikes and moved to motorcross. My husband was real good, won most races, until we had our oldest and he decided to give it up for safety reasons and since he is the major bread winner, you know. So, I have been searching on Ebay and Craigslist. Those aren't cheap bikes. I guess lesson learned, but I plan to take action and make him happy again. Might take a while, but Mama will make it right! I better go to finish my office work. Keep your garages locked and love on your kids! Oh, and be a truthful consumer, thank God and our fighting men, this is a free country.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It seems lately I have regained my appreciation for the 'Scrapbooking Art'. I have been doing my fair share lately. I must say, I seem to be in a different place right now.
My marriage is going great, knock on wood, we have been going on dates and laughing a lot. We seem to have gained back what was once lost. I am blessed to be finally at this point with my family.
I miss my parents, but hopefully will be seeing them soon. We are planning a trip sometime in the near future. We are going to set up the web cam so we can at least see them more often.
Planning to move is a chore. Trying to sort out details takes time. Hopefully we can get things in order and take that giant leap. Joe and I are ready.
My boys always give me joy. More lately. I am proud at how great my oldest is doing in school. My youngest is doing great at potty training and tells me when he needs to.
It has been raining, which I always enjoy. Cozy in our house and loving eachother's company. I just love the smell of the rain. All in all, my family is healthy today, I am ok, we battled our illnesses and will tredge on to tomorrow.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sad for Haiti

Just been watching the telethon on Haiti. Seems so sad, all those kids, orphaned. Makes me want to help, real bad. I would love to adopt and help those that are so sad and hurting. You watch the television and wonder why hasn't a better system developed. Aren't we used to these natural disasters enough to help faster and more efficiently? So, many dying and gone, no sanitary conditions. I am a person that really is passionate about things like this, I want to help badly. I should have been in the peace corps. I have a couple of friends that did that. They are better for it. Joe and I talked of adopting years ago. Wouldn't this be the time to help? So, sad. And then we think of all the things we all have and how un-needed most of it is. So much extra. We are all so lucky. We don't have too much, but way more than we need. I just want my sons to grow up knowing how fortunate they are for what we have and how it can be gone so quickly. Just makes you want to love and squeeze your kids more! I did.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mundane Day

Just a normal day, waiting for my hubby to get home to start dinner and the night begins. Today seemed like a depressing day. Made my calls, talked to my mom and picked Riley up from school. Went to the bank and Ryan and I played 'toot toots'... I love the rain, it just seemed to get me down today. I feel bad for the school kids that have to stand in the rain until their parent shows up. Just bothers me that the teachers aren't out there when supposed to be to unlock the gate when need be. Well, tonight's entree is hamburger helper beef pasta and beets with au gratin potatoes, not a usual meal , but like I said, not really in much of a mood to make a fabo meal. Had scrapbook class last night. It went good. I had lots to share with my calendar that I made mom. And some other layouts I did. Good to see my friend Sarah. I went to dinner with Carrie to Outback beforehand. Good food, good company. Seems that is the only time I get to see her. We are busy and live too far apart, I guess. We never have a problem laughing, though. It's good to have good friends. Right now I am trying to get Riley to finish homework. Ryan is doing good on potty training, he went earlier in the potty, it will be a long road, I am ok with it. Well, better get out of my scrapbook room, kids are terrorizing my room.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

There isn't anything nicer than today's technology, being able to write what is going on in your life and have long distance family read and see it is just crazy. Here is a picture of Grandad's Iris's. I love that color. Those grow nicely, but here in this town, flowers seem to be fooled with this crazy weather, and bloom and all the wrong times. Just waiting for my son to waken while I do some work and get ready to scrapbook a project for Mom. I am going to pick up my other son from school shortly. Just a regular Thursday.